How to Effectively Cope with Hair Loss

16/08/2013 14:08

A filamentous biomaterial that grows on various parts of the body, hair plays an important role in your body from generating warmth and thermal regulation to protecting your scalp and skull from direct exposure to UV rays and direct impacts such as bumps respectively. To majority of people, hair is the evidence of good health, youthfulness and beauty, which might explain the inexorable efforts by people from across all races, ages and status to grow healthy looking hair. Therefore, it is understandable why hair loss is an unsettling experience for most people and has the potential to rob you your self-confidence, self -esteem and sense of style. Here are effective ways of coping with hair loss.

Effective Ways of Coping With Hair Loss
1. Identify The Cause of Hair Loss
The first step towards coping with your hair loss begins by identifying the main cause of hair loss. Ordinarily, a human head has about one hundred thousand hairs and it is common for some of these hairs to fall out and eventually regrow at an average of fifty to a hundred hairs each day. However, there are instances when the loss of hair is excessive and is persistent on one area of the scalp resulting in abnormal thinning and balding of hair. There are various causes of hair loss including aging, diseases, genetics, hair damage and trauma. Once you establish the cause of your hair loss, you can take the next course of action which is to find out what your treatment options are.

2. Establish Your Hair Loss Treatment Options
Unknown to majority of people is that hair loss is a treatable health condition. There are various hair loss treatments depending on the cause of your hair loss including surgical procedures such as hair implants, prescription medication and hair loss concealers. A hair loss concealer is a product that helps create a natural looking fuller hair by effectively hiding all parts of your scalp that are thinning or balding. The three most popular forms of hair concealer is hair loss concealing fiber, hair loss concealing powder and hair loss concealing spray.
Whichever hair loss treatment option you wish to pursue, you must do so as soon as possible because the sooner you begin treating the problem, the better the chance you have in reverting loss of hair and achieving a head full of hair.

3. Stop Attaching Your Self Worth to Your Hair
Most treatment options other than the use of a hair loss concealer take substantial amount of time to register visible results with some taking up to one year. It is during this moment of ‘wait and see’ that most people find it hardest to cope with loss of hair. If your sense of self -worth is defined by how you look, your loss of hair is going to have a profound negative impact than on a person whose self- identity is wrapped around their personality and intellect. The secret is to relax and roll with it. The fact is that very few people are bothered about how you look and more of them are more attracted to your personality and character.

4. Experiment With The Right Hair Cut
Having the right hair cut makes a world of difference in hiding your hair loss. Men effectively hide their hair loss by donning a ‘Steve Austin haircut,’ which involves shaving the head completely. On the other hand, women can go for shorter hair -cuts or other hair- cuts that best suit their situation.

Conclusively, since it took more than a day to lose the amount of hair you have lost, do not expect it to grow back overnight. Be patient as you watch your hair grow back and if does not, embrace that fact and move on.



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