Hair fibers

18/04/2013 16:04

Loosing hair is an unpleasant experience both for women as it is for men. Even though balding has been easily accepted by men, most of them are currently not comfortable with hair loss especially when it happens in earlier years. Hair loss in women is taken rather seriously and a woman would try anything she can to maintain her hair as it was on her younger days. Hair loss is sometimes attributed to age or due to some scalp infection. This however does not mean that it only occurs to the elderly, as it has been observed that it can happen to anyone at any age. Hair fibers are used to replenish this loss of hair by giving the victim a new growth of hair.
Hair thinning mostly begins at the middle of the head or at the back. This results in formation of visible patches in the hair which can draw attention towards them if not concealed. The hair fibers are applied on the patch where they make the spot look more hairy. This is achieved through the fact that the fibers adheres to the hair strands making them look more dense. By adhering to each of the hair strands, they result in the hair being thicker giving the impression that there is no hair loss.
Fibers can be applied easily on the hair and for this reason they are most commonly used hair loss concealers. To be able to have the best results from the fibers, you need to consult with your dermatologist to ensure that your skin will not react badly with the active ingredients in the fiber. This will ensure you do not get yourself into problems with the sensitive scalp. After verifying that you are not reactive to these products, choose the fiber that will work best on the patches that you already have. The choice here can be guided by the cosmetics specialist based on the extent of your hair loss.
Once you have selected the fiber, it is worth noting how you will apply it and whether it will require special sprays in order for it to work best. Some of the fibers that are currently in the market are easy to use and will not require any special application. This is one of the attributes that you have to check in addition to its compatibility with your scalp. The best hair fibers  will adhere naturally and instantly to the hair to give the desired result in minimal time. This means that you can use them any time as they are very convenient.
The other thing that may need your consideration when purchasing the hair fibers is their ability to resist water damage. This will determine the life of the fibers and how long they will be of use to you. This implies that when you experience the hair loss problem, it is no longer wise to just endure the balding. Rather, you need to take charge and get your confidence again by having your hair rejuvenated.